When you have plans to remodel a part of your house, including your bathroom, it is important for you to have a remodeling plan. A plan is valuable for several reasons. First, when you know what kind of work is required for your new bathroom, like electrical wiring and plumbing, you can determine what kind of contractors or subcontractors to hire. Second, planning makes your project run steadily and smoothly because you know what to expect and when. Third, you can save money because you’ll know what you need in advance, and so will have time to scout around for the best values.

Careful planning will help you have the bathroom of your dreams. Photo from Solarnovo

Design Information

There are many sources for floor plans and design ideas. You could go to your local bookstore for books and magazines, or you could check online.  You could also visit a home improvement store. A customer representative would show you around and give you unique ideas for your bathroom remodel.  Other sources are specialty design stores, contractors, interior designers, and architects.

Floor Plan

The next step is to have a floor plan ready for your new bathroom. There are questions that will arise in the design, and these questions could be any of the following:

• Will I replace all the plumbing fixtures or use the ones I have, but move them to a different location?

• Is it going a tub or a shower?

• Will I add some windows or a closet?

• Do I want to add more space to the current bathroom?

These questions will be answered by measuring and drawing the basic floor plan of the bathroom. After that, you can then add everything like the toilet, shower, sink, and tub in a fixed position. Also, make a list of materials in detail such as what supplies and fixtures are you using which includes colors and styles.


Once you have your plans, can consider the cost of all the materials required. This is where your desired budget comes in. It will be the guideline when you are comparing prices on different items. Decide on just how much are you willing to spend on miscellaneous items.


Determine how your project will be completed – will you be doing the work or will you pay someone else to do it? Check on contractors to determine if they’re reliable. Make sure they have a permit. Discuss with them the desired budget and the style you want. If you need assistance in finding a reputable contractor in your area, click here to use our contractor referral.

Time Frame

You need to have a schedule as to when your bathroom remodel will start and finish. Make sure that the contractors that you hire will do the job you asked for and complete it on time.

If you take time to carefully plan your bathroom remodel, you are more likely to end up with a design you love, on time and within budget.  We offer a Bathroom Remodeling Workbook if you would like some assistance with your project.  We also have a free Cost Calculator to help you estimate the cost of your remodel.