Contemporary Design Bathroom

Contemporary Design Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom adds both value to your property and quality of life to those that live there! Whether you’re building a guest bathroom or designing the luxurious en suite bathroom of your dreams, we have a few tips for a successful bathroom remodel.

Start with a budget

Bathroom remodels are one of the trickiest to budget because there are a lot of hidden costs you don’t account for. As well as fixtures and fittings, you have to know exactly how much plumbing and wiring is going to cost also. Paying good contractors for their time will be a significant cost on top of the new bathtub and vanity!

A good contractor is worth every penny

When selecting a contractor, the lowest quote won’t necessarily be the best. Research thoroughly – gather recommendations from friends and neighbors, and only hire an experienced bathroom contractor.


Taking detailed measurements both at home and at the store where you buy your new fittings is essential so that you don’t buy an outsize bathtub or a too-small sink. Try sitting in the tub before you buy it; a massively long tub with no neck support won’t be comfortable for a smaller person! If you don’t have much room to stretch out, try going for a deeper tub instead for that luxury feel.

Go Green

Starting a bathroom from scratch is a great opportunity to ensure you lessen your impact on the environment for years to come. Choose toilets that use less water with each flush or buy a vanity that’s been up-cycled instead of getting a brand new one.

DIY – to a point!

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty during home remodeling projects? That’s a good thing – but be honest about your skill level. Most homeowners are not skilled electricians and plumbers so should not attempt to do all the work themselves. However you can save on contractors’ time and money by carrying out simple tasks like ripping out the old bathroom or finishing the painting yourself.


One of the biggest problems a bathroom has over time is the build-up of moisture, which causes rot, mold and mildew. This can affect new plaster and spoil the look of your brand new fixtures and décor. Use the remodel as an opportunity to install an effective ventilation system – you’ll be surprised how compact and noiseless most modern vent fans are.


The proper combination of good lighting and mirrors means that the bathroom will work for you in any situation. Recess lighting with a dimmer switch is great for a long soak in the tub at the end of the day, whereas a series of brighter bulbs around the mirror are ideal for applying makeup and shaving effectively. Invest in a large, vintage mirror with a decorative frame as a statement piece for your bathroom, as well as a smaller, wall-mounted adjustable mirror for a better close-up view.