The bathroom reno cost varies greatly by the four renovation cost drivers:bathroom reno cost

1. the location of the home to be renovated  

2. who will do the reno work  

3. the materials you choose to use in your bathroom reno

4. the design of your new bathroom after renovation

The bathroom reno calculators on are a great tool that automatically calculates a cost estimate for renovating your bathroom and customizes the estimate based on your preferences and answers to 10 questions about your bathroom renovation plans.

Bathrooms are expensive to renovate because of the costly materials used in bathrooms. The floor and some of the walls need to be waterproof and water resistant.  The rooms are typically packed with expensive features – sink, vanity, lights, mirrors, toilets, tubs, showers, and tub shower surrounds.  A bathroom (and kitchen) are not wise places to skimp on quality.  Low quality cabinets and fixtures if used for your bathroom reno wont hold up to the wear and tear and humidity found in to bathrooms.

Another reason for high bathroom reno cost is the tradespeople who install bathroom fixtures are some of the highest paid works – electricians, plumbers and finish carpenters often do much of work in a bathroom reno and these are also often the highest paid workers.

The best way to save on the cost of your bathroom reno is to

1. Consider carefully the materials you select.  Tile can cost $1 a square foot, $10 a square foot and more.  Shop for tile that is on sale.  Faucets can be $30 to $300 and more – again shop for faucets and fixtures that are on sale or used from another persons renovation.

2. Get quotes from several different contractors for your bathroom reno.  some contractors charge more some less for the same quality of work.  Get several quotes from local contractors but also try call several to bid on your project that may have to drive across town for your bathroom remodel.