This bathroom is divided in two areas. One area has the vanity area. This area has a white sink embedded in a cream counter. Below this are the cabinets in maple wood and in top of it are a mirror without a frame and the light bulbs. The walls are painted in white. The other area has also the walls painted in white and the floor tiles are light cream. The toilet is compact and white. Next to the toilet is the bathtub with a blue and white curtain. The towels are also in this color.


. The use of a mirror without frame makes it look bigger.   

. The compact toilet gives more free space.

. The use of none decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.

. The use of towel rigs instead of towel rods.

. The location of the lights in top of the mirror reflects it into the room.



. The color of the counter and the cabinets should be lighter, brighter or cooler color instead of the brown tones.

. Instead of the curtain in the shower is better to use of clear glass enclosure. The use of plain clear glass for the shower enclosure with a small frame makes the room look larger.