This is a 7’x 5.5’ bathroom. It has a wood floor. The top half of the walls is white. The bottom half wall, the cabinets and the outside face of the bathtub are wood painted in a pearl white color. The bathtub, sink and toilet are white. The decoration of this room has a beach concept. It has starfish in a border that goes all around the room and in the cabinets. Above the toilet and bathtub is a glass window. The colors of the room are white, pearl white and silver.





. The use of white to accentuate the fixtures creates rhythm.   

. The window brings in sunlight.

. The use of consistent decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.

. The use of light tones and no more than two colors make it looks elegant.

. The use of the vertical relief draws the eye upward and creates the feeling of spaciousness.



. The use of a mirror without frame could make the room look bigger and reflect light to the room.

. The less you have protruding from the walls, the bigger the space will look.