This is a 8.5’x5’ bathroom. The white sink has octagonal angles in the borders. In top is a square mirror with a wood frame and a cabinet behind it. In top of it are the luminaries. Beside the sink are the toilet paper rod and the toilet. The toilet has the same corrugated base as the sink. Above the toilet are three glass panels with decorations. Beside the toilet is the white bathtub with a white curtain enclosure. The bathtub walls incorporate a pale coral 6”x6” tiles with a horizontal design in a darker tone. The other walls are painted in a pale coral color. The floor has 1”x1” pale coral tiles.





. The use of no more than two principal colors makes the room looks elegant.  

. The use of the horizontal design in the bathtub walls make the room looks larger.

. The use of white to accentuate fixture makes rhythm.

. The collocation of the luminaries in top of the mirror reflects the light in the room.



. The color of the mirror frame should match with the color of the room (lighter tone).

. The use of recessed cabinets into the wall instead of deep free-standing ones (protruding things like the mirror/cabinet) more free space.

. The use of black in the decoration accessories don’t match.

. Instead of the curtain in the shower is better to use of clear glass enclosure. The use of plain clear glass for the shower enclosure with a small frame makes the room look larger.