This is a 10’x5’ bathroom. It incorporates 12”x12” pearl satin floor tiles. The walls are white. The white bathtub has a light peach curtain with dark peach decoration. Next to it is the white toilet and the toilet paper rod. Beside this is the white pedestal sink that has a mirror without frame. Below the mirror is a 5 inch protruding glass shelf. Beside the sink are a towel ring and a white bidet. All the accessories are white and there is a brown trash basket.









. The use of white to accentuate fixtures creates rhythm.

. The pedestal sink gives more free space.  


. The use of a large mirror without frame makes the room look bigger and reflects the light to the room.

. The use of towel rings instead of towel rods.

. The use of the space under the toilet and sink.




. Instead of the curtain in the shower it is better to use a clear glass enclosure. The use of plain clear glass for the shower enclosure with a small frame makes the room look larger.

. The use of brighter and cooler colors makes the room looks bigger.