This is a 8’x5’ bathroom. It incorporates 14”x12” opaque white tiles in the top half of the wall and light peach in the bottom half. In the top it has alternate brown tiles. The white bathtub has a frosted curtain with blue seashell decoration. Beside the bathtub is the white pedestal sink. Above this is a mirror with a white frame that goes from each side of the sink. The lights are atop the mirror. Beside the sink is the toilet area. Above the toilet is a white vertical towel rack.

WHAT’S GOOD                                                                                     

. The use of no decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.

. The use of no more than two colors makes the room looks elegant (except for the bathtub curtain).

. The use of white to accentuate fixtures creates rhythm.

. The pedestal sink gives allows free space.



. Instead of the curtain in the shower, it is better to use a clear glass enclosure. The use of plain clear glass for the shower enclosure with a small frame makes the room look larger.

. The use of brighter and cooler colors makes the room looks bigger.

. The less protruding from the walls (like the wall towel rack), the bigger the space will look. Instead use small shelves under the sink attached to the wall.