This is a warm color bathroom. The wall textures are divided by a brown strip. The top half is painted in white and the bottom half is covered by 6”x6” wheat color tiles. The brown countertop has two white sinks embedded . The bottom of the counter has a free space and above the counter is a mirror with a brown frame. The lights are in each side of the mirror. In between the mirror and the counter is a six-inche-wide glass panel as a secondary counter. Hanging from the counter is a silver towel ring. The fixtures are also silver. Next to this area is a shower with a clear glass enclosure with a silver frame. The walls of the shower are covered with 8”x6” light brown tiles. In front of the shower are the toilet area and the door.



. The use of towel rings rather than rods gives more space.

. The use of a large mirror reflects light.    

. The light fixtures onboth sides of the mirror reflect more light to the room.

. The use of clear glass enclosure for the shower makes the room look bigger.



. The counter should have a lighter, brighter or cooler color instead of the brown.

. The space under the sink can be use for small shelves (attached to the wall) for towels, washcloths, etc.

. The glass panel as a secondary counter doesn’t match the style of the bathroom.