This is a contemporary bathroom with an irregular floor plan. It incorporates 6”x6” light beige floor tiles. These tiles are also used in the walls of the shower area. The shower had a white floor and a divider wall in glass blocks. In the other side of this glass block wall is a light beige stone sink in the top of a counter that has the same light beige tiles as the rest of the room. Under this counter are shelves to put towels, washcloths, hamper, etc. In front of this area is the toilet area. Beside the toilet is a glass window and the door. The rest of the walls are painted in white. 

What’s Good
. The window brings in sunlight.

. The glass window and the glass block wall make the room look larger.
. The shelves under the sink create more free space.
. The use of no more than two colors makes the room looks elegant.
. The use of no decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.

. The use of a large mirror without frame makes the room look bigger and reflects the light to the room.


 . Instead of the curtain in the shower it would be better to use aclear glass enclosure. The use of plain clear glass for the shower enclosure with a small frame would make the room look larger.