This bathroom has gray stone tiles on the floor. The grays of the tiles are in different tones. The walls are painted in white. At one side of the room is the white bathtub with the silver faucets in the middle. Next to it is the white toilet with a light brown top and the toilet paper rod. Beside this is the wall mounted white sink. In front of the sink is the shower. This shower has a cylindrical form with a silver handle. The curtain is in clear glass without frame and a white floor. Between the shower and the bathtub is a towel rack.


. The use of white to accentuate fixture makes rhythm.  

. The use of clear glass without a frame in the shower makes the room look bigger.

. The use of the wall mounted sink creates more free space.

. The use of none decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.



. The use of gray in the floor tiles makes the room look smaller.

. The top of the toilet should be white as the other fixtures. The light brown does not match with the room.

. The towel rack should be replaced by a towel rings so there can be more free space.