This bathroom has terra cotta 6”x6” floor tiles. It has a bathtub that is white in the inside and has 1”x1” blue tiles in the outside. It has a white sink in a wood table. This table has two baskets on each side. Above the sink is a mirror the same width as the sink and a frame with the same wood as the table. The walls are covered with 6”x6” white tiles. In the top of the wall is a blue horizontal line in tiles and alternate tiles with colors. The bathtub wall continues the blue horizontal line and also has a rectangular mosaic. In the other side of the room is the toilet area.


. The use of no loose decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.  

. The use of no more than two principal colors makes the room looks elegant.

. The uses of cool colors like the blue and bright color like white are appropriate.

. The use of the horizontal line in the top of the wall make the room look larger.



. The space under the sink can be used for small shelves (attached to the wall) for towels, washcloths, etc. instead of the two baskets.

. The wood color matches the floor tiles, but because it’s a warm color it should be lighter.

. The towels shouldn’t be segregated in the room; there should be a specific place for it.