This bathroom has walls, door and ceiling in a white color. Next to the door is the toilet area that has a white toilet, a silver towel rod in top, a silver toilet paper rod beside with silver floating shelves in top. The shelves have a towel hanger and space for other accessories. On top of it is a plant. Above the toilet is a painting with a green frame. The towels are light peach. Beside this area is a shower with glass doors. The shower walls are covered with 6”x6” light peach tiles. There are three light brown baskets: the trash basket, the plant basket and the potpourri basket.









. The use of plain clear glass for the shower enclosure with a small frame makes the room look larger.

. The use of light colors makes the room look bigger.

. The floating shelves above open up the space.

. The use of a plant makes a more natural environment.



. The use of free standing decorative items around (like the baskets) is not necessary.

. The less you have protruding from the walls, the bigger the space will look.

. The use of dark color like the panting frame doesn’t match with the simplicity of the room.