Bedroom photograph by Jeremy Levine

by Dan Fritschen

I love my bedroom and certainly do believe that all of us should love the place where we get to rest our heads.

Many people mistakenly believe that to create as relaxed an environment as possible, bedrooms should be decorated in a dull, bland manner with nothing interesting or eye-catching in there; but just because your bedroom decor may put your senses to sleep doesn’t mean it will be a pleasant place to relax!

The concept that you use to decorate your bedroom should have a story attached to it. Some of us may go for jaw-dropping bedroom designs while others may just have simple, clean designs that spell out elegance. Amazing pictures and other works of art can also be used to bring out the best in any idea. Decorating or remodeling the bedroom is also a task that you can do without involving an expensive interior designer.

Whether it is the master bedroom or the small spare room in the house you can give it a fresh new look in a few hours if not just a few minutes. Having been to the tropical Pacific Islands, a themed bohemian design seemed to tell my story; white and yellow were the perfect colors for me. This combination is perfect for a bedroom as it is exotic and interesting while still being calm and soothing. A slightly striped shade completed the look, offering the perfect backdrop for my story and really evoking some great memories.

So you see, you can explore any theme for your bedroom easily and start telling your own story!

The design of the bedroom can be changed as regularly as you would wish, and there are many creative designs that you can explore to suit your changing moods. A more traditional style that is elegant, classic and almost stately would be a great room to relax in; imagine climbing into a four-poster bed every evening – I definitely wouldn’t have any trouble sleeping! This is an amazing bedroom design that offers a calming effect and a nice touch of aristocratic glamor.

What if you want to go for a really glamorous design and feel like a celebrity? You can opt for a much more opulent, OTT design. This design is going to cost you much more but it will be worth every cent if you end up with the bedroom suite of your dreams. Cool colors such as deep burgundy or royal blue accented with animal prints cushions and pillows create a sensual, glamorous feel, combined with a chandelier equipped with a dimmer switch to help you lie back and feel as if you’re reclining in a New York penthouse!

How the space is arranged and organized is more important if you are to enjoy a good night’s sleep; install some heavy drapes or blinds to keep out sunlight and help you sleep longer; consider an ensuite bathroom addition for your ease and comfort, and keep televisions and computers out of the bedroom!

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