This is a black and white bathroom. It incorporates a large white sink with two silver faucets. The two cabinets under it are black with silver handles. Above is a mirror without a frame that goes from each side of the sink. Beside this is the toilet area, composed of a white toilet and a silver paper rod. Beside this area is the white bathtub with a silver faucet. In the bathtub wall is a window with a brown frame. The window has a sculpture in the bottom. The walls are light cream and have a white border in the top that continues in the ceiling. The floor is a wheat color. The lights are segregated in the ceiling.


. The use of no loose decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.  

. The use of no more than two principal colors makes the room looks elegant.

. The use of the horizontal border in the top of the wall make the room looks larger.

. The use of a large mirror without frame makes the room look bigger and reflects the light to the room.



. The color of the window’s frame should be black so it matches the rest of the room.

. The sink should be divided so there can be space for a counter.