This bathroom incorporates 12”x12” brown floor tiles. The walls have two colors divided by a white frame. The top half is in a light blue tone and the bottom half is white with a light vertical relief. The toilet and the pedestal sink are white. Between them is a towel hanger with a yellow towel. Above the toilet is a picture with a black frame. Beside the toilet is a window with a white blind curtain. Under the window is a silver paper rod.





. The window brings in sunlight.

. The use of towel rings rather than rods.

. The lighter and cooler color tones expand the space.

. Use vertical relief draws the eye upward and creates the feeling of spaciousness.

. The pedestal sink makes the room looks bigger.



. The window should be glass block or frosted instead of blinds. It will make the room look larger.

. The color of the picture with the black frame disturbs the simplicity of the room.

. The color of the floor tiles and the blue color of the walls should be lighter to create the sensation of spaciousness.