Carpenter and helper installing kitchen cabinets together.

Carpenter and helper installing kitchen cabinets together.

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With the mud, tape, texture and painting done – it is time to install the cabinets.  Ideally the walls, ceiling and floors of your new room are plumb, square and level but they are likely not perfect.  The cabinets need to be perfectly plumb, square and level and that will take some time to get them right in most houses.


Cabinet Installation

Cabinets are available in a range of configurations from the custom – local built cabinets where the boxes are custom built for your project to Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets which are delivered to the job site ready to be assembled.  The RTA cabinets are sold a a much lower cost but the time spent assembling them on site  negates much or all of the cost savings.  Factory built cabinets, where the box and door are preassembled and ready to install, are a compromise between the two extremes.

Which is better?  RTA? Custom Built? or Factory Built?  Each of these appeal to different buyers and for different reason. Talk with your contractor to decide which is best and remember that kitchen cabinets are the most used – abused items in your home so this is not a good item to skimp on and get lower quality materials or finishes.


After the cabinets are installed the countertop, final plumbing and flooring can be installed next as you every day get nearer to a finished remodeled kitchen!