You can add one or more circuits for electricity in your remodeled kitchen. Although your new appliances will likely use less power than what you are replacing, you might be adding larger appliances, more of them, or have a need for dedicated circuits. For example, if you are significantly enlarging your kitchen, an additional circuit might be a good idea. If you are placing your laundry area in the kitchen, an extra circuit would be a good idea.

If you are installing any computerized appliances, say for example, an oven that keeps dishes refrigerated until the preset cooking time and then cooks as programmed, you might want to consider an extra circuit. The same would apply if you are planning to use a computer either in the kitchen or in an attached family room. You might not want to risk a lost of electricity to those devices. If you have had problems in the past with tripping circuit breakers when you try to use too many small appliances at once, you will certainly want to consider another circuit.