Add bathroom soundboard for privacy

by Dan Fritschen

What about needing special drywall because of bathroom moisture? Do I use both?

Adding sound board in bathroom walls for privacy is an excellent idea.

Most home builders do not insulate interior walls. Insulation would provide some sound buffering in bathroom walls, but if you really want to keep bathroom noises in the bathroom, installing sound board is the best idea.

This is especially helpful in smaller homes where the noise of someone clattering about first thing in the morning might be annoying to others in the house! Guest bathrooms that are located near to living rooms and dining rooms etc will also benefit from sound buffering too for added privacy.

Special drywall for bathrooms is generally used by builders, unless your home is old enough that your walls are actually plaster.

Some early drywall also did not have the benefit of some of the newer materials and sealants. You will definitely want to use green board around showers and tubs. Some contractors prefer using the least porous materials they can find in bathrooms, and use the best green board they can buy for all walls and ceilings in bathrooms.

If you want to provide the best protection against mold and mildew and also provide the privacy of bathroom sound board, you can simply install both.

For more information to help you decide what you want when you remodel your bathroom, you can check out our bathroom remodel workbook and free easy to use bathroom remodel cost calculator.