Should you list your home with Century 21?  Or ERA or Coldwell Banker or ?  There are likely 5, 10 or even more companies that you can choose to sell your home with so how should you choose?  Like so many service jobs in many ways the individual you deal with is as important and possibly more important than the company they work for.

Here are 3 tips for picking the best real estate agent for listing your home – they can work for Century 21 or any other broker…choose the best agent and it is likely if that agent is good they will work for the best broker..simple!

1. Communication!  Can you communicate with the agent.  Do they listen?  Do they carefully answer your questions?  Real estate agents are sales people and many sales people develop the habit of talking very well but not listening.  You want want who can market your property well..and that means listening to you and the people interested in buying your home.

2. Do they have the experience.  I cant say enough about the value of success and experience in real estate marketing.  There are a lot of obstacles that can come up when selling your home and having an agent on your side who has “seen it all” can be invaluable.  But there is also a lot of hustle and work to get your home sold fast for the best price so you want some with experience and the willingness and ability to work hard for you.  Watch out for someone who has the experience but not the interest, time or ability to really spend the time, money and effort to market your home.

Century 21 home for sale

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3. Do they have a good reputation and good references.  Avoid an agent that sounds great but when you dig deeper they either are not well respected by their peers or leave a list of unhappy clients.  Ask for a list of professional and client references and then follow up with them and ask what they think of the agent.  When you talk with the references that you were given ask these references for OTHER references for the agent.  The secondary references may give you more honest answers to your questions than the ones hand picked by the agent.  Also check on line – do a search using the agents name on Yelp, Google and other resources and see what pops up.

It may take a while to investigate and research all of the possible agents you can work with but consider what you have invested.  You could easily spend $50,000, $100,000 or even $200,000 to list your home, do repairs, pay all the expenses and move to a new home and the agent you choose for listing your home will be the one recommending what you should spend and how much you will get for your home.