If you are planning to eventually move into a new home a large scale home renovation does not necessarily make sense. There are however several up grades that can be accomplished to make your stay more gratifying. First, determine how long you plan on living in your current home. Then decide what improvements are necessary for your contentment.
There is a difference between repairs and renovations. No matter how long you plan on staying in your home some things will need repaired. But a home renovation improves your home and helps to make your stay more enjoyable and sometimes your home more valuable. 
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Depending on how long you plan to stay a cost analysis of the renovation is a must. New home fixtures or windows are perfect projects for a short stay. These improvements can be considered investments when trying to sell your home. Any new and correctly done work could be seen to add to your homes overall worth.
Large renovations make sense if you plan on staying for a longer period of time but can only be seen as cost effective if they are necessary when you eventually try to sell. Make sure you do a cost comparison of what an addition like a new bathroom would cost compared with the value it will add to your home.