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Luxury home office with a hardwood desk.

Luxury home office with a hardwood desk.

With a starting list of needs and wants this is a great time to start looking at the design options. Even if you are hiring an interior designer, an architect or a design build firm the better clarity you have on what designs you like and do not like the smoother the design process will proceed and the better the ultimate results.


So where to look for renovation and remodeling design ideas?  Pinterest and Houzz are two of the best places to look for home design ideas but don’t just look there.  An image search using google or bing or other search engine will give you a wide variety of results and the format they use to display photos is great of scanning hundreds of photos quickly   The search engines also can search for colors – so search for white modern kitchens and you will get many many photos to review.


In addition to your online search you should carry your camera with you and visit open houses, neighbors homes who may have the same floor plan for their home and home, kitchen and bathroom design showrooms.  Seeing a countertop or cabinet up close and in person is so much better than trying to pick your next kitchen from a catalog.


With pinterest and houzz and the photos you take make detailed notes..most important is do you like the item, color and lighting in the photo or not and WHY do you like it.  With good notes when you go back and dig through these photos to make design decisions you won’t be saying to yourself “why did i save this?”


Plan on sharing the photos you find and your notes with your family, others in your household and your designer/builder.  The easiest way to do this is create an account on pinterest or houzz or other photo sharing platform and then share the password.  Pinterest also has a collaboration feature that is a little cumbersome because you have to add each collaborator to each of your boards manually but in the end it is a great tool to organize and share photos and collect and share comments.