Natural light when remodeling

Natural light in winter sets the mood

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As you are making your want and need lists make sure you consider different seasons – will the cold of winter or heat of summer cause you to adjust your list or your priorities. Will hosting an annual family get together make it to the top of you wants list? Make sure you consider all of these occasional as well as your daily needs and wants.

List of special – seasonal requirements that you should consider when making your list of wants and needs for your remodel.

  1. Holiday Gatherings and Cooking.  While they only happen once or a few times a year having families and friends over to your home is a special time and with good planning your remodeled kitchen, family room, living room and bathrooms can make your gathering extra special and a lot less stressful.  Consider food preparation for the kitchen and pantry.  How can you design your kitchen, entry hall and living/family room to better accommodate the crowds?  Will there be enough seating?
  2. Visitors and Guests:  Do you have an annual tradition of hosting relatives and friends?  If so extra attention should be spent on creating an inviting guestroom and guest bathroom.  The guestroom could be a den or bedroom for your family but when family comes to town it is great to have that room easily change to a guest room.  Have you considered a jack n jill bathroom?  The 2 door design does waste a bit of space but it is great for privacy for your house guests.
  3. Summer – the heat of summer can be oppressive but with the right design of insulation, windows and ventilation your renovated home can make it more pleasant and potentially save you money each month from lower utility bills.  For you home addition consider extra ceiling and wall insulation.  Walls typically are 2×4 but why not build your south and west facing walls with 2×6.  The extra cost is trivial but the 50% increase in insulation value will make a big difference.  Solar panels on the roof have the double benefit of producing electricity AND shading your roof to lower the temperature inside your home.
  4. Fall – Do you have beautiful fall colors – If so make sure you design in windows that will let you see the trees in all their glory.

  6. Spring – If you are doing a home renovation or addition the changing weather of spring may make you want to open windows during the warm part of the day to air the house out after a long winter and then close them before it gets too cold.  Make sure for your renovation that you place windows to give you good ventilation and buy windows that are easy to open and close.  The extra cost will be small relative to the years and decades of enjoyment.
  7. Winter – brrrrrr – Insulation and lighting are so important in winter to keep your home warm and your mood up!  A home with a good lighting design can chase away the winter blues.  Make sure you spend extra time considering where to place lights to create the mood you want and need for anytime of the year.