If you are like most homeowners, construction cost estimating for your kitchen expansion will help you define the design of your kitchen remodel. The estimate will help you set a budget and make decisions and choices to keep the project within your budget. It will help you to prioritize the features, upgrades and work you want to include in your remodel and expansion. It will also help you make decisions about what to do now and what you can postpone until later.

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Construction cost will be the main factor in a kitchen expansion, so it should be calculated and estimated early in the design process. With this cost estimate, you can make informed decisions about whether to completely remodel your kitchen at the same time as the expansion or to build the expansion and remodel later.

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The main elements in construction cost for the project will be:

  • Building a foundation. Will your expansion be large enough to require building a foundation for it? Will you build a foundation or support the addition on posts (somewhat like the supports for a deck)? Will your expansion be small enough that a bump-out will be enough and a foundation will not be needed?

  • Creating a seamless roof addition. Your addition will need a roof. You will want to build the addition in a way that allows your roof to look like it was part of the original roof. This is a matter of a pleasing appearance for your home and for adequate drainage from the roof.

  • Framing and insulation. There will be cost associated with framing and insulating exterior walls.

  • Siding. You will also need to plan for exterior walls, whether they are masonry, frame or some type of siding. Your materials choice should either match or blend with the existing structure in a way that looks like the expansion is part of the original structure.


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Other considerations about your expansion that will have a major impact on cost are:

  1. Will you add a fireplace?

  2. Will you need new exterior doors or windows?

  3. Will you build a pantry?

  4. Will you add skylights?

  5. Will your design involve new or moved plumbing?

  6. Will you need a new gas line?

Preliminary construction costs estimates can be calculated on a cost-per-square-foot basis. You can get average cost per square foot for an addition in your location from several sources, including local contractors and your local government. You can also get a quick and reliable estimate from www.remodelestimates.com. The information you will need to provide to get this estimate includes the following:

  • Current home value

  • How much of the work will you do yourself?

  • What level of quality do you want in the job – economy, average, custom?

  • What is the size in square feet of your existing kitchen?

  • What will be the size in square feet of the extended kitchen?

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You might find yourself working back and forth between the estimate, your budget, and your wishRemodelOrMove.com: Contractor Selection Workbook list for the project. You might find that helping as much as possible will save you money. You might also decide that the most cost-effective way to approach your kitchen expansion is to do the construction as one phase and the remodeling and upgrading as later stages.

Planning a kitchen addition or expansion is easiest and most accurate when you have reliable construction cost estimating for your kitchen expansion from a reliable source. Whatever source you use for your preliminary estimate, these questions will help you prepare to request the estimate with confidence.

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