Step # 28 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

continue interviewing contractors

Interview Contractors

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The most important decision you will make for your remodel is which contractor to hire – so your time spent interviewing contractors is a good investment.  Contractors and builders vary in communication style, business practices and technical skills.  Just because they have a contractors license or call themselves a contractor doesn’t mean they will or can deliver to you a successful remodel or home addition.


Continue Interviewing Contractors

A common question is “how many contractors should I interview”.  The answer is as many as you have to find the right one!  It may seem obvious but many homeowners give up and hire a contractor that seems OK.  Of course it is hard to blame a homeowner when it is their first remodel or home addition – it is hard to know which contractor is best without the first hand knowledge and experience.

Sticking to a script, interviewing several contractors, taking notes and using a quantitative scoring and decision making process will take a lot of the stress out of the decision making process.