It is essential to know what’s in a contract before making the final deal. Its content should include the following:

  • Contractor’s personal information (name, address, contact numbers, license number)
  • The activities to be accomplished by the contractor. It’s important to know the things that the contractor will not do so that you can hire someone else to do them.  Two examples are demolition and painting.
  • Specifications for all of the materials required, including type, color, size, and quantity of each item.
  • A clear, dated copy of all diagrams and drawings. If there are any changes to the project, they should be reflected in these documents and should be signed and dated the contractor and homeowner.
  • Date the project is to be started and finished.

  • Days of the week that workers will be at your house, with daily starting and ending times.
  • The procedure for making changes to the project.
  • A one year warranty.
  • A settlement clause that is binding.
  • Procedures for cancelling the contract.
  • A line stating that final release affidavits will be provided by contractor, including waiver for final lien and final payment from all suppliers and subcontractors.

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