• Contractor information including name, address, telephone numbers, license.
  • What the contractor will and will not do. What they won’t do is as important as what they will, so make sure these items are included. Examples are the tasks that you have chosen to do like painting or demolition.
  • All materials, size, colors, specifications. Examples are windows: vinyl, wood, aluminum, specified by manufacturer and model number.
  • A dated copy of all drawings and diagrams. If changes will be made during the project, they should be made to these documents and initialed and dated by both you and the contractor.

  • Start and finish dates.
  • Work start and finish times and what days of the week workers will be at your home.
  • How change orders will be handled.
  • A warranty for one year.
  • A binding arbitration clause.


  • A statement of how the contract can be canceled.
  • A statement that the contractor will provide affidavits of final release, final payment or final lien waiver from all subcontractors and suppliers.

RemodelOrMove.com: Contractor Selection Workbook