painter-1136872_640The following is a question posed by one of the users of our website.  She was looking for help in dealing with a contractor who had used questionable tactics to get her father to sign a contract to have the exterior of the house repainted.


Hi- I was wondering if you have any experience that might help us.

I just found out yesterday that my dad signed a contract with someone to paint the exterior of his house. The contractor was  supposed to come by just to give an estimate, but somehow he got my dad to sign a contract for what I think is an exorbitant amount. (It was a cold call that my dad unfortunately answered that started this all.)

No work has started yet, but it’s beyond the 3 days that we have to cancel. What are our options? Do we have to go through with it? They only possible thing I that I can think of is that we are co-owners of the house and we did not sign the contract. Neither did my mom, who is also a co-owner of the house. I know you’re not a lawyer, and you would’ve been on the other end, but I am wondering if you’ve run into this sort of thing before.

I yelped the company and others have complained of their aggressive sales tactics.

Any advice you might have, I’d truly appreciate.


I am not a contractor or a lawyer – I am a “homeowner advocate”.  This is exactly the thing I help people with, though normally it is before they sign the contract.  I do have a suggestion.  Start by calling the contractor and explaining the situation to him or her.  Let them know that it was a high pressure situation and that you feel your father was taken advantage of.  The chances are good that they will just cancel the contract and give a refund of the deposit.


Our website user did contact the contractor and reported the following:  The regional manager came and explained that they already paid money for crew to come down, paid for their hotel, they already bought the primer, they said they would bill us for what their costs were, and go from there. Didn’t hear from them for a while, but in the end they sent my dad a letter saying they canceled the contract.  They refunded the deposit and we ended up paying nothing. Whew!