Contract with Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling Contract

Step # 38 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

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One of the most important moments in the remodeling process is the signing of the contract with the contractor. Ensure that the contract meets your contract checklist and do not hesitate to contact an attorney if you will be more comfortable

What should be in a Contract with Remodeling Contractor


  • Remodeling Contractor Business and Contact information:  License number, Business name and address, Contact names, phone numbers and email addresses, Insurance carrier name and policy number.
  • Specific list of what the contractor will and will not do.  Are you doing some of the work?  Will the contractor meet with the city and get the permit?  Will the contractor provide the design and necessary construction documents?
  • Materials, size, colors, specifications and manufacturer.  Example for a kitchen faucet:  Kohler-stainless steel finish – model #9ausvasf32.  Example for prefinished hardwood floor: Bruce Red Oak flooring model number 23t885q33
  • Reference to – and an attached copy of the drawings and designs that will be used for construction.   When there are changes to these drawings during construction – use red pen to mark up copies of these drawings and attach to the original contract with both your initials and the contractor
  • Dates of when the work will start and finish.
  • The work rules you and the contractor have agreed to.
  • Details of the process to record and communicate changes to the design, materials and other changes to the project.
  • A warranty for one year on materials and labor or whatever is offered by the contractor.
  • A binding arbitration clause.
  • A statement of how the contract can be cancelled. This is very important and should be easy to do.
  • A statement that the contractor and all subcontractors and material suppliers will provide unconditional release of liens prior to final payment.


Other important items to include in a contract with remodeling contractor

  • An assignment clause preventing the contractor from transferring the project to another contractor without the homeowner’s permission.
  • An independent contractor clause establishing that the contractor is not an employee of the homeowner.
  • An entire agreement clause establishing that all the terms to be considered have been included in the contract.
  • Clauses relating who pays legal expenses and when, return of property, notice, and arbitration.
  • Note of the laws for the State that will be applicable for the agreement.
  • Statement of the validity of the agreement, which can be until the work is completed, or for a fixed period of time.
  • Statement of payment terms and times – whether weekly, monthly, or at the end of the job.


Sample Remodeling Contract