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As you begin talking to contractors about your project it is wise to have a script and contractor interview checklist to ensure you get all the information you need before making a decision. It is very easy when interviewing many different contractors to become a bit confused as to whom said what. To ensure your best chance for success it is a good idea to follow an outline or interview check list.

Contractor Interview Checklist

  1. Does someone answer the phone when you call?
  2. Do you get timely responses to texts and emails?
  3. Was it easy to schedule first meeting?
  4. Did the contractor arrive for your meeting on time?
  5. Was their appearance and attitude professional and appropriate?
  6. Did you meet with the owner, salesperson or other employee?
  7. Did the contractor list well as you described your project?
  8. Did the contractor seem to understand your concerns and requests?
  9. Did the builder / contractor ask relevant questions?
  10. Did the contractor ever ask for clarification?
  11. Did the builder give you suggestions or recommendations?
  12. Did the contractor understand your project quickly?
  13. Did they give you a budgetary quote if you requested one?
  14. How much did you learn about the contractor and your project from your meeting?
  15. Did you feel pressured to make a decision or make a commitment to hire the contractor?
  16. Did the contractor give you specific “next steps”
  17. Do you think you communicated well with this contractor?

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