How much will it cost to remodel and how do I get a cost estimate using a contractor pricing guide are common questions from homeowners. provides this guide and tools and all the information you need to use a contractor pricing guide and start your remodel right!

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There are many ways to get cost estimates using a contractor pricing guide and to create a budget before and after the designs are complete.

Average Cost Method to Estimate 

For an initial budget you can use industry cost averages – like $20,000 for a kitchen remodel or $10,000 for a bathroom remodel, but no one lives in an average house in an average city! Another common method is to create an estimate using a cost per square foot method. This is very popular and effective for builders since they have developed a dollar per square foot that reflects their business and costs. Unfortunately dollar per square foot estimates need to be adjusted based on what is in that square foot! If it is the garage or a bathroom the cost can vary from $25 to $250 and more. So estimating this way works best for the pros.


How the Remodel Cost Calculators Work


The Remodel or move cost calculator combines both methods to provide an estimate. The calculators use your location to estimate labor costs, your preferences for types of materials and fixtures as well as how much work you would like to do. Choosing economy, average or expensive materials for your remodel has a big impact on the overall costs for the kitchen and bathroom remodel and additions. The cost of materials has less of an impact on rooms like garage and bedroom additions.




The labor costs include both the fees and markups added by general contractors as well as the labor of the tradespeople who do the framing. Flooring, tile, drywall, etc. All of this work can be done by a homeowner. If you choose to do some of the work yourself, make sure you do a lot of practice before taking on the task for you home. What looks easy on a youtube video invariably has a lot of tricks and techniques that aren’t obvious; especially with plumbing!



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Payback from remodeling or adding on to your home


When calculating the cost of your project be sure to consider the net when using a contractor pricing guide. This is the cost of the contractor  minus what your home will appreciate due to the contractor project. The calculator provides an estimate of this payback as well. This is estimated by the value of your home, the cost of your contractor pricing and the typical payback for that type of project. Remember, the amount your home will appreciate – the payback – for your remodel is determined only at the time of sale and by a buyer. If you have any questions talk with an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with the prices of homes in your neighborhood.


Along with getting a contractor pricing guide estimate, dreaming of what it will look like is a favorite first step for homeowners. Try our IdeaFile to search millions of kitchen, bathroom and home pictures and save and share what you find. Click here.


10 tips to start a Remodel right!


  • Determine your budget using a contractor pricing guide
  • Search, save, and share design ideas using the IdeaFile
  • Hire an interior designer to review your needs and your homes current condition and get their advice and design ideas
  • Update design and budget as necessary
  • If you’re hiring a general contractor begin interviewing – interview at least 5
  • If you DIY, check with the local government to see if a permit is required.
  • After talking with contractors – write out a detailed specification for your project.
  • If you DIY, begin looking for tradespeople and sub-contractors to do the work you won’t do.
  • Review quotes and do background and reference check on contractors and create a contract
  • Sign contract and begin work!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  What is a the Contractors Price?

Answer: Contractors need to mark up the cost of labor – their workers to pay for taxes, benefits, and fees.  Contractors also need to mark up costs of materials to cover waste, returns, damaged materials, transportation costs. On top of these costs contractors need to pay for their overhead which is cost of quoting, meeting with customers, and make a profit so tide them over the slow days or when work can not be down because of the weather, homeowners who delay projects. etc.


Question:  Where to get a free contractor estimating guide?

Answer:  You found it! offers a free general contractor price list that is adjusted for your homes location, the size of your remodel, the materials you choose and how much of the work you will do.  While our calculator is a great way to get an initial cost per square foot our calculator can not replace a quote from a qualified contractor after final design decisions are made and all the plans and specifications are complete.


Q: What is contractor’s pricing?

A: As a valued and BIG customer of lumber yards, plumbing supply houses and other construction businesses contractors receive discounts of approximately 10%.  If they are a smaller buyer than the discount is less and some of the biggest get bigger discounts.    With the competitive environment at Home Depot and Lowes and others you can get prices and costs nearly as low as a contractors.  You can even get lower prices for items like plumbing and electrical fixtures where you make a decision to get a refurbished, used, or last years model at a big discount.


Q: General Contractor Pricing List

A:  General contractors – and how they price home addition, remodeling and renovation projects vary greatly by location and individuals who manage the business. It is common for 20% or more differences in pricing from general contractors solely on the contractors overhead and business model and profit expectations.

Q: Where to get an online contractor pricing guide?

A: Great project pricing guides are online at websites like For home addition costs, room additions, second story additions and whole house remodels the cost calculators here at are the easiest to use and are great for DIY’ers and for homeowners who will hire a contractor to do all the work.

Q: Do i need a contractors pricing guide 2015 edition?

A: A 2015 edition contractors pricing guide wont necessarily help in estimating projects accurately.  It is true that labor costs and material costs for remodeling, renovations and home additions have increased but many of the variables such as work effectiveness, management and overhead still are big parts of any project costs and those are controlled by you.   If you can get an updated contractors pricing guide for free or low cost then a 2015 or even 2016 edition is good to have.

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Q: Which contractor pricing guide software to use for calculating contractor pricing?