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Getting yourself a bunch of reliable and up-to-date cost estimates is one of the most important steps in the budgeting and planning process for any home addition project. These early estimates are very helpful in determining whether you have the means to create the addition in the first place, and how extensive the project can be.

There are a few ways to get a cost estimate for your project. You can use the average cost estimates found in home-improvement articles, ask local contractors for a cost estimate, or use one of the free, easy to use home remodel cost calculators on

Some things that you need to know about cost estimates:

  • The cost-per-square-foot estimates will vary depending on the room to be remodeled or added. The estimate for a bathroom, for example, will be more than that for a den because of the fixtures involved.
  • The location of your home will impact the cost estimate, as construction and material costs vary across the country.
  • The quality of the materials and the workmanship will have an effect on the estimate – a high quality remodel will be more expensive than a budget remodel.
  • The time of year could also affect costs. Some contractors charge clients up to 15% off when jobs are scheduled during the slow season of the year.

The accuracy of an initial cost estimate for a remodel or addition project also has other factors that could affect it. These include:

  • Whether the plans are for economy or custom work.
  • Whether the addition is larger-than-average or smaller.
  • If the homeowner is personally picking up or shopping for materials.
  • If the homeowner is doing the project management
  • If the homeowner is doing work on the project.
  • If the project is designed by an architect, an interior designer, or a contractor.