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The cost of adding a room estimates can vary widely. A large part of the variation has to do with the size of the room that you want added.  If you want to add a living room, den, or large bedroom, you will probably have to spend more than you would if you only wanted a smaller room, such as an extra bathroom or bedroom.  In order to arrive at a fairly accurate figure, you will need to consult a contractor.  But a great way to get a quick ballpark cost estimates is the website

Contractors will be able to provide you with reasonably close estimates as to what your remodeling job might cost.  Keep in mind, however, that estimates are never a promise or guarantee that your job will not cost any more than the price you are initially quoted.

In figuring the cost of adding a room estimates, there are other considerations that will need to be addressed.  One important thing that you will need to examine is the age and condition of your home.  If you live in an older home, particularly one that has never been renovated, you might have to make some changes other than simply adding another room.  Consider, for example, the possibility that your home might be in need of a bit of structural repair.  A contractor might also find that your wiring is out of date and needs to be replaced or other aspects of your home don’t meet modern building codes and requirements.  These are simply possibilities that could present themselves once a contractor begins examining your home, so it is best to be prepared for such occurrences ahead of time.

Try to make sure that you only contact reputable contractors for cost of adding a room estimates.  The best way to accomplish this is by asking your friends and family members if they can recommend a contractor.  You should also be sure that you obtain estimates from at least three different contractors, as it will allow you to compare the various costs that each of them proposes for completing the work for you.  But don’t stop at three, get 5 or even 10 estimates before selecting a contractor.  Keep in mind, however, that the cheaper quotes are not necessarily the best ones for you to choose.

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