By Dan Fritschen

“What is the cost of building an addition” is the most common question next to “how much to remodel my kitchen” contractors are asked by homeowners.  And the answer is the same.  “You need a detailed specification and design before costs can be calculated.” And this is the best and correct answer to the question.  Click here to get your instant estimate to build an addition.

This answer is of little use to homeowners when you are just trying to get a little background information in order to decide IF you should remodel or not.  Your need for a quick answer early in the remodeling process is why developed the remodel cost calculators.

These calculators for additions, remodeling, renovations and finishing and attic or basement provide an estimate for you project based on your preference to DIY or Hire Someone,  to use Expensive, Average Cost, or Economy materials and where you live.  This information is enough for our calculator and database to estimate the total for your project.

Is this estimate accurate?  is a common question.  The answer is Yes and No.  Yes it is accurate based on the information provided and the time you have invested in working with the calculator – about 2 minutes.  No it isnt accurate compared to an estimate from a contractor after they have visited the site and reviewed a detailed description of the work to be done and list of materials.