cost to add a second story

Second Story Addition

The cost to add a second story is $150 to $500 a square foot and varies based on the 4 home addition cost drivers.  Second story additions have the addition cost of the staircase – which require a lot of finished carpentry work and the “wasted” space of the stair case which requires 70 to 100 square feet more than a ground level addition.


The 4 drivers that influence the cost to add a second story are the homes location, the design, the materials you choose to use and who will do the work.


50% of the cost to add a second story addition is typically labor and the labor costs in Mississippi are less than 1/3 of the cost of the same workers in New York or San Francisco.  Material costs vary as well around the US but not nearly as much as the labor and business overhead costs.  The design of your second story impacts the cost – if it is a simple square 2nd storey over the garage it will be much less expensive than a second level  that is centered over the house with setbacks.  The materials you choose can make a big cost difference too.  The roof can cost $10,000 for asphalt shingles or $30,000 for metal or tile.  The flooring can cost $2 or $3 a square foot or $10 or more.  All of these design decisions you make will greatly influence the cost per square foot of a second storey addition.  Finally who does the work; will you hire a general contractor and an architect or will you do everything yourself or something in between?  Labor may cost 50% of the project costs so this decision has big impact on the project costs.  If you choose to hire a general contractor their fees vary as well – as much as 30% – some contractors just charge less and some just charge more because their attitude toward their business and your project is different.