What is the cost to add an addition on a house? is one of the most common questions we receive at www.remodelormove.com.  There are several ways to answer this questions.  One is to say it is impossible to know without detailed plans and this is certainly a true statement.  But when most people ask this question they aren’t asking for the EXACT cost but a general idea.  And for most people a general idea is plus or minus several tens of thousands of dollars.  Usually an answer of $50,000 or $100,000 or $300,000 or whatever is sufficient for a homeowner who is just getting a feel for costs.

OK, so as a homeowner when you get this kind of budgetary estimate what does it mean and what does it include?  The cost estimate can vary considerable based on the design, who does the work and the materials used.  If you do the work and design yourself then it could be much less expensive then hiring the most famous architect in the area and using only the most exotic wood for the flooring and the cabinets.  For kitchens and bathrooms prices can vary even more – a refrigerator can cost $500 or $10,000 depending on which model you choose.   A bathroom faucet can cost $50 or $500 or anywhere in between.  These decisions have huge impacts on the cost of an addition on a house.

When you get a budgetary estimate from a contractor – they can vary as well.  Contractors have different methods of quoting, pay themselves different amounts, and have different profit expectations.  Consider a contractor who drives an older truck, hopes to make $80,000 a year income, and is very efficient about the way they run their business.  They don’t have big expectations to make big profits but want to make a decent living and work hard.  This contractor could quote 30% LESS than a contractor who advertises a lot, hires a sales person to find work, has brand new equipment, trucks, etc., has a nice office, with office staff and hopes to retire in the next 5 years because of making big profits on each and every job the work on.

In addition, if the contractor is a really good manager and very good at estimating they can give you a better price than a contractor who does not control costs as well and has to add 10 or 15% buffer because they don’t estimate projects very well.

These 2 contractors may provide you the same level of workmanship quality and service because these cost drivers have nothing to do with quality or service, but with the overhead costs needed to operate their business.

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