The cost to add a room is one of the first questions anyone thinking of remodeling or adding on asks.  And it is a very good question to ask at the beginning of your research.  Some people will say “you can’t get an estimate until you have drawings” which is true for a precise estimate -but for a guestimate, you can get that anytime.

Why is getting an estimate a good place to start?  It is a good place to start to make sure that you can afford to have the work done and to find out if it would be less expensive to sell your home as is and move to a home that already has an additional room (s).  While selling your home and moving is not free, it could be a better solution than adding on, especially if your home is already the nicest and largest in a neighborhood.  If it is, then an additional room or two may add nothing to the value of your home, so instead of the room addition being a smart investment, it could turn out to be a big expense.  Moving in this case may give you a home that fits your needs and be less expensive then remodeling.  The room addition calculators on this website not only provide a “guestimate” of the cost to remodel, but also a rough estimate of the amount your home could appreciate when you remodel. Click here to try them out.

Our calculators use a combination of many variables to provide estimates, including cost per square foot, regional labor costs, quality of materials, etc.  Providing an estimate by cost per square foot is a good way to get an estimate, as long as you adjust for who will do the work, the regional labor rate and the room being added on.  The two extremes are kitchens and garages.  A kitchen with the cabinets and appliances costs many hundreds, and even more than a thousand dollars per square foot.  A garage on the other hand typically cost $100 or less per square foot.

What I suggest is to get a cost to add a room using the cost calculators to get started.  Then work on your design and decide how you will approach the project, then with updated information check with the online calculators again.  After you get an initial refined quote contact a real estate agent to discuss your options – to remodel or move.  If remodeling still seems like the best choice start your search for a contractor who ultimately will help you finalize your design and give you a quote for the actual cost to add a room.

We have a contractor referral service if you need help finding a local contractor.  Click here to start.