blobThe following is a question from one of our readers who wrote for help in converting a basement garage to livable space.  In this area she wants to create a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room, and she wanted an idea of what the garage room addition costs would be.


These rough home addition floor plans show what I am wanting done to the basement garage.  The empty area will be a walk-in closet, and the area with the 2 squares is the laundry room.  The original washer and dryer hookups are at the top right of the diagram and have to be rerouted or moved to the left.  Also, there is already brand new plumbing coming down right above the tub and toilet.  The only walls that exist are the outer walls and the doors on them.  The window behind the bed exists but needs to be replaced.  The bottom wall of the diagram is currently the garage door.  It needs to be converted to a wall with a window. The entire wall on the right goes into two other finished rooms in the basement; I will leave them the same. I’m really trying to only spend between $3K and $5K on the whole project.  Honestly, the only things I need done by a professional are to have the plumbing run, the structure for the new walls set up, electrical outlets, and air vents. The duct work is already there in the ceiling also.  What do you think?


Hi Timeka, the drawing looks great.   The cost of materials for the flooring, lights, walls, drywall, electrical, plumbing, and plumbing fixtures will approach $3k, so unless you do all the work yourself, completing the project for $3 to $5k will be tough.  You can save on the materials cost by getting free materials on and used materials on craigslist and places such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores.  Look for plumbing fixtures, flooring, lighting, windows, hardware, and the bathroom cabinet.  You might even be able to find some lumber for the walls.

If you can save on the materials, then you will have enough left over to hire a home addition contractor to do some of the work.  I think hiring someone to do the ducting, plumbing, electrical, and walls for less than $1000 will be nearly impossible.  But, if you can do any of this work yourself and you find some low cost fixtures and materials, then doing the project for $3 to $5 is a real possibility.
Good luck!