Whipping up your kitchen into something better? If remodeling your gastronomical cranny comes to mind, the first thing you should do is come up with a cost estimate so you can allocate the budget for the entire renovation. Whether or not you will do it on your

Cabinets by Prowell Woodworks

own or hire someone to do it, it is important that you are aware of how much you are required to shell out for that useful and lovely kitchen you have been dreaming of. Read more and consider the following nuggets of advice.

Organization is key in coming up with your cost estimate, and it is important that each item is given priority. Should you go for style, or function? Should you buy table tops in local home stores or have the cabinet custom built by your nearby woodworker? Should the tiles complement the color of the walls, or go for those that are slip-free? What about plumbing and electricity? Cost of labor? Keep in mind your budget and make necessary adjustments as you go along the way.

To be price smart, why not go on a trip to your local home stores and canvass for the prices of fixtures, appliances, materials, and other doodads for your kitchen renovation? Make a comparison and go for your best choice. Do not forget about the cost of labor, plumbing, and even construction.

You might want to organize your list into different categories:
• Cabinets
• Countertops
• Appliances
• Flooring
• Windows
• Fixtures, faucets and fittings
• Construction materials
• Plumbing
• Manual labor

You also might want to consider these costs that come with your kitchen renovation.
• Repairs
• Foundation work (for expansion)
• Tiles
• Insurance
• Ceiling changes
• Roofing (for expansion)
• Contingencies

Do not get concerned or overwhelmed once you have run down your expenses for your kitchen remodeling. Remember that you always have the upper hand in decision making and make the necessary adjustments. Remember that style and function can always meet, just be smart enough to know the tricks of the trade. Once your list is done, you can now go ahead with your renovation and cook up your wonderful kitchen!

We offer a free kitchen remodel cost calculator to help you get a good cost estimate. To take a look at it, click here.