This room is a cream and white bathroom. The white counter has a white sink in the middle. Above the sink is a mirror with a golden frame that has the same width as the sink. In each side of the mirror is a luminary. At one side of the counter are a white wall cabinet, another mirror beside it and a towel hanger. In the other side of the counter is the toilet area. In front of the counter is a white bathtub. The walls are divided in two. The top half is painted in cream and the bottom half have a wood relief painted in white. The top of the walls have a 6” width white border. The floor has a pattern with tiles in terracotta and black.






. The use of recessed cabinets into the wall instead of deep free-standing ones gives more free space. 

. The use of no more than two principal colors makes the room looks elegant.

. The use of the horizontal border in the top of the wall make the room looks larger.

. The use of mirrors makes the room look bigger and reflects the light to the room.

. The use of a towel hanger instead of a towel rod gives more free space.



. The color of the floor should match with the color of the room (lighter tone).

. The main mirror could be bigger so that can be eliminated the secondary mirror.

. The use of protruding things (like extra mirror or extra cabinet) from the wall the bigger the space will look.