holiday home decorating

Winter curb appeal - Photo by dfbphotos

by Dan Fritschen

As homeowners we’re usually so busy concentrating on the inside of our homes that we forget that the exterior needs love and attention too! Making your home’s exterior look attractive has several benefits. If you and your neighbors have nice looking homes then your neighborhood will be more desirable to potential homeowners, which may help to increase property value in the area. Aside from that, a beautiful home is beneficial for you – whether it’s relaxing in a fragrant garden in the summer or creating a winter wonderland for the holidays, an attractive home exterior is welcoming and pretty. Here are some ways to add instant curb appeal to your property this holiday season:

Give your front door and garage a fresh coat of paint. This is not just for the holidays but something you should consider all year-round to keep your home looking its best. Color accents that are bright and vibrant are eye-catching to passers-by and give your home a nice flair, especially in the bleak winter months. Clean windows should also be a priority at any time of year, but with less hours of daylight in winter you’ll want to do everything possible to increase the amount of sunlight coming into your home.

Yard care – keep on top of fallen leaves by regularly collecting them with a rake or leaf blower. This will keep your yard looking well-kept, but will also make sure that drains are kept free from blockage and your gutters remain clear. It’s also worth clearing out your gutters in preparation for heavy rain.

Re-think your exterior lighting. A well-lit home exterior looks beautiful at night and provides extra security. It’s especially important in the winter as there are more hours of darkness to make sure your driveway and paths are lit adequately. This allows you to see obstacles in the dark and helps to find your footing in wet or icy conditions.

At Christmas time, don’t be afraid to add some festive cheer to your home with strings of lights! Keep it tasteful though – you and your neighbors might not appreciate a garish light show for the whole holiday season! Try to use energy efficient bulbs for any exterior lighting for lower electric bills and to help the environment. Re-painting your house number on your home and on the curb so it stands out more in darker weather is also a good idea in winter.

All of these are simple tips with a low remodeling cost that may help to add value to your home – as well as festive cheer! For more great design ideas, check out our Holiday Decorating pinboard and our Design Gallery – where you can search millions of pictures for inspiration.