Step # 4 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner (get your own free Kitchen Remodel Planner – click here)


With a list of needs, wants and concerns you will be Depositphotos_7240767_mable to start creating a list of what changes you think are needed to satisfy your needs,etc. At this point do not be too concerned with the completeness of this list nor the appropriateness of the solutions you are planning..there will be many many chances to make revisions.

Once you have decide what to remodel create a list like the one below.  You should have this amount or more of detail and provide to your interior designer or architect or contractor that is doing the design work for you.

  • Kitchen – replace appliances, cabinets, flooring countertop.  Add skylight more storage and an island
  • Garage – add storage on 3 walls add skylight for more light
  • Entry hall – add coat closet, add skylight and transom to front door
  • Hall bathroom – replace tub/shower with just shower, larger vanity, new floor, walls, etc.

With this brief overview of what you want to get done you will be able to begin setting up a budget using the home addition and remodeling cost calculators at