If you own a television, you have access to all the expert decorating advice you could ever need. With the abundance of decorating and lifestyle shows, ranging from Design on a Dime to This Old House, you can pick up tricks of the trade without ever leaving your home.

“The most encouraging things about these home shows is that they emphasize how a little change can make a big difference in a room,” says Todd Imholte, president of Murals Your Way. “One new piece of furniture or a few fabulous accessories can make a huge impact.”

Homeowners may need to hire an architect for complex or unique designs, or when special building products are incorporated into the design. An architect can help you remodel your home to just about any specifications. While an interior designer can certainly help you get that unique creative look that reflects you and your family’s personality and tastes, they typically do not work with out-of-the-ordinary or super exotic designs. If you want your house remodeled out of plexiglass and shaped like a spaceship, you’re better off with an architect.

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