Bathrooms do not have to be huge to have luxury or spa features. Many of the luxury or spa features can be installed in even a small bathroom.

Accomplishing this is a smaller area requires very careful planning, an outstanding design, and a great deal of shopping to find just the right fixtures and other items. For example, you can install a soaking tub in a small area. You just need to find one that is smaller, but deeper. The same goes for the multiple shower head spa shower or steam shower. These are available in smaller sizes or in styles that can be installed in any bathroom.

You can even add a bidet in a small bathroom by simply choosing a toilet/bidet combination model. From there, elegance is a matter of choosing the right fixtures, fittings and other accessory items, installing radiant floor heating, heated towel rods, foggless mirrors, and whatever you want. In truth, most of these items do not require a huge amount of space if you select space-saving designs.