do it yourself or not

Do It Yourself or Not

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Are you a do it yourselfer? Are you interested in managing the project yourself ?  If you have after ever considered these options for your home remodel then it is time to do decide if you should do it yourself or not. 


Do it yourself or not?  How to decide

65% of homeowners choose to hire a general contractor, 35% dont but manage the project themselves.  Another 50% report that they will do some of the work themselves and have made the do it yourself or not? decision – and it is “do it myself”!

While doing some of the work yourself can save money and is very rewarding for some homeowners it also comes with risk and additional stress in an already stressful remodeling or renovation process. Before you take on some or all of the work yourself decide if you really want to – for the non-financial rewards of accomplishment and craftmanship. If your only motivation to do some of the work yourself is to save money there are likely better ways to save money that are easier and more likely to be successful. We will provide a long list of money saving opportunities later in the remodeling process.

5 Questions to ask yourself when deciding to do it yourself or not

  1. Will you enjoy the work and stress of DIYing?
  2. Are you willing to take the time to learn the skills needed?
  3. Is it about the joy and challenge of DIYing?  Or is it just about trying to save money?
  4. Does your family support you in your endevour to DIY?
  5. Can you work alongside your remodeling contractor – if you will hire one?

Deciding to Do it yourself is a very important decision.  It is best if you want to DIY not to save money but if you are truly excited and interested in learning what it takes to do a good job.