For home remodeling projects, homeowners will find that the most expensive ones tend to be bathroom or kitchen.  If you are considering a kitchen remodel, your first question

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Consider all of the variables to get the most accurate estimate of the cost of your remodel. Photo provided by J. Sarter

likely will be “what will the project cost?”  There are many variables that will affect the total cost of the project and you will need to calculate the costs prior to starting on the project.

To determine what it will cost to remodel your kitchen, let’s look at the various cost factors:

1.     Do you plan on expanding the size of your kitchen?  Will you simply remodel what is already there or will you expand the kitchen?  If you are planning on expanding the kitchen, will you use existing space in your home or will you add on?  Following are some questions that you will need to answer.

  • Will it be necessary to move interior walls?
  • Will it be necessary to make changes to any load-bearing walls?
  • How much area will be required for the expansion of the kitchen?
  • Will you use a concrete foundation to build on?
  • Will the expansion be built on beams and posts?
  • Will the expansion be a bay or bow window?
  • Will the expansion be a bump-out?

2.     What is the degree of plumbing work that will be required?  Will it be necessary to add or move sinks?  Is it necessary to move or add a gas line?

3.    What is the degree of electrical work that is required?  Will it be necessary to move appliances?  Will the addition or moving of electrical outlets and lines be necessary?  What will the lighting require?  Will the addition of circuits be necessary?

4.    Will new cabinets be installed?  Will you upgrade the cabinets you have by painting or refinishing them?  Will you install new cabinets?  If so, will the cabinets be ready-to-install or custom-made?

5.    Are you planning to replace existing doors and windows?

6.    Are you planning on upgrading your appliances to something new?

7.    What is your selection in countertops?

8.    What is the extent of custom tile work?

You will discover that the cost of your kitchen remodel is greatly influenced by the answer to these questions.  Other matters that will affect the cost include:

  • The quality of workmanship and materials that are used in the project
  • The professionals which your hire for the project
  • The amount of do-it-yourself work that you perform
  • How much management of the project you perform yourself
  • The season in which you have the addition constructed
  • Where you are located

Yes, there are many variables when it comes to determining the cost of your project.  But, by answering the questions, you will get a better idea of the ultimate cost of your remodel.  Our free, online remodel cost calculator will use these kinds of details to help you come up with an accurate estimate of your remodeling costs. We also offer a variety of remodeling workbooks, including 101 Ways to Save Money When You Remodel Your Home. To take a look at them, click here.