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Undoubtedly your living room is the centerpiece of your home. This is where you get together with your kids, talk to each other, watch television, read your favorite books or novels, and relax to rejuvenate your body. Expanding your living room space with the right décor helps you make it more inviting and appealing!

Tips To Expanding Your Living Space

If you feel claustrophobic about your living room, then it’s a good idea to add some extra breathing space. You may knock down a wall and effectively utilize the space in your bedroom. Or you can use wall-mounted lighting fixtures and furniture that could save you some space. If you still need some extra space, replacing your old TV set with a wall-mounted unit is a good idea.

Add Cooler Paint Colors

A dark-colored wall paint of your living room will make your space look smaller even if it is spacious. You can enlarge the appearance of the area with a light-colored coat of paint. If the ceiling is low, white-colored paint can create an illusion of height. If the room still appears small, use the same light color to paint the ceiling, as cooler colors would open up your space, with the walls creating an illusion of a bigger room.

Lighten Window Covers

Covering the windows with heavy drapery is not a very good idea when decorating a small living room. Instead, hanging light window coverings that can be easily adjusted can enlarge the appearance of your living space. You can even consider choosing sheers, ideal for window treatments, to dress up the windows without negatively impacting the overall appearance of the space.

Brighten Dark Flooring

Living rooms appear smaller with dark flooring, since it naturally draws the walls inward. Dark flooring draws more attention, and as a result, the living space

appears smaller, dreary, congested, and more constrictive than ever. Light colored flooring will naturally lighten the look of the room, guiding eyes away from the flooring toward the wide, open space.

Hanging Dramatic Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent idea to create the illusion of space. Frame it in a complimentary style to your decor. An oversized mirror easily tricks the human eye and creates an illusion of height. In a room with low ceilings, a dramatic mirror, extending from floor to ceiling, would create a feeling of a large space. The room that once appeared small will begin to look larger than ever, where you can spend more time with family and friends. Go for mirrors reflecting the decorative aspect of your space. Mirrors serving multi functions will make your space appear enlarged, adding to its grandeur and making it look great!

Add a Room Outside

If you think your home’s square footage is confined to your four walls, think again. You can literally step outside your inner space. Why not take areas into your backyard to expand your living space.

With these tips, you would not be able to make castles out of condos; however, you’ll surely be surprised to find some extra square footage available in your living space.