By Dan Fritschen

Estimating bathroom renovations costs can be a very straightforward process. Early in your planning of a bathroom renovation you will want to get a reliable and accurate estimate of what the cost of your project will be.You will probably want to set a working budget for the project before you being the detailed design and selection of materials.


The first question is, “How are you defining renovation?”Are you thinking about a remodel of a bathroom built in the last ten years?Are you thinking about updating a bathroom in a house built, for example, in the 1950s or 1960s? Or are you thinking about renovating a bathroom in an old home?The reason for the question is to understand the kinds of issues you might encounter with wiring, plumbing and pipes, structure, and insulation.


If you are just remodeling a bathroom built in the last ten years, estimating your bathroom remodeling cost is fairly straightforward.Just visit and click on the single room calculator. You will receive a very reliable estimate based on actual costs in your particular location.


If you are thinking about updating a bathroom, estimating bathroom renovations costs for your project can be a little bit more complicated.You might find it necessary to replace pipes and wiring to bring the room up to code and to make it as safe as possible for your family.You will also want to install special electrical outlets with circuit breakers in them that will shut off power if excessive moisture gets in them. You will probably want to replace faucets and shower faucets with new faucets that include anti-scald devices.

You should inspect carefully for any signs of damage to the sub-floor or the supporting beams from previous leaks.Also check for mold or mildew in the flooring and the walls. These are problems that will have to be addressed in planning your upgrade.

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If you are truly renovating bathrooms in an old home, you should also check for asbestos and look for moisture barriers and inadequate insulation and structural support for your new bathroom.Your renovation will probably be more extensive and, if asbestos is found, for example, more costly.

The next group of questions to consider is:

  • Will you enlarge the bathroom
  • Will your enlargement involve interior changes or exterior changes?
  • Will your enlargement involve new foundation work?
  • Will you replace any windows?
  • Will you replace the tub and/or shower?
  • Will you move the plumbing fixtures?
  • Will you install radiant heating in walls or floors?

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A reliable estimate for preliminary planning purposes will also need the following information:current value of your home, how much of the design and construction work will you do? What level of quality do you want in the finished job – economy, average, or custom?What is the current size of the bathroom? What will be the finished size of the bathroom?

With this information you will be well on your way to accurately estimating bathroom renovations costs.With your preliminary estimate, you will be ready to start thinking about your design and the materials you want to use in the project.