If you are considering a kitchen remodel, then estimating the construction costs will help with your decision making.   With a good kitchen remodel estimate, you can set a budget and prioritize the options you would like to include in the renovation of your kitchen.

The main factors in a kitchen remodel or expansion will be:

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Building the foundation: If you are expanding, will it require that you build a foundation? Or, will the expansion be  supported on posts? (This is somewhat like the supports which hold up a deck). Or, is it simple enough that will not require foundation work?

Constructing a seamless roof addition: The expansion of a kitchen means the addition of a new roof. It is important that the roof be constructed so that it looks as though it is part of the original roof and has an attractive appearance.

Framing and insulation: Framing and insulation will be another added cost.

Siding: Planning for the exterior walls of the expansion will also be necessary. You will need to determine your siding, and the materials should be a choice that match or blend well with the existing structure.

Other things which will influence the costs of the expansion include:

  • Will you need to add a new gas line?
  • Will the design involve new or moved plumbing?
  • Will you add skylights?
  • Will you add a pantry?
  • Will you be adding new doors or windows to the exterior?
  • Will you add a fireplace?

To get a general idea of the potential costs of the construction, you can calculate a cost per square foot.  Get a reliable estimate from our Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator.  The information that is required in order to obtain the estimate includes:

  • The current value of your home
  • How much of the work will be contracted out and how much will be done by yourself
  • What standard of quality are you looking for: custom, average or economy?
  • What is the square footage of your existing kitchen?
  • What will be the square footage of your extended kitchen?

You may find that once you obtain your estimate you have to adjust the design of the project to fit your budget. You may find that doing much of the work yourself will help to cut the costs of the expansion. Another option for lowering the costs is to complete the basic construction now, then later remodel to upgrade and add the features you really want.

With a reliable construction cost estimate you will find that the planning of the kitchen expansion is easy and accurate.

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