Family Room Expansion photo by Chad Jones

Family room expansion is a great idea if your family has grown in size and you are looking for some breathing space in your living area.  In fact, a family room expansion increases the amount of space in a home.

The addition to your family room should be of the size and scale that aesthetically blends with the rest of the house, from inside as well as outside. Often a few homeowners add large amounts to their living space without paying much attention to the outside appearance. However, a home must maintain its internal and external aesthetics, with the exterior décor blending seamlessly and complementing the existing home décor.

A properly done family room expansion can totally transform your home, with the space looking bigger than ever. Your kitchen will appear larger; the entire first floor will look roomy, and it can serve as a multi-purpose space, comfortable for carrying out any activity – from family meetings to celebrations.  Nevertheless, your goal is open space, so you must ensure that there are not too many features making your family room appear overloaded and cramped. Going for the most essential options alone would serve the purpose of your family room addition.

You will need to make some tough choices about the features that would be appropriate for your extra family room space.


Nowadays, most contractors believe a family room should open into the kitchen and not leave any wall between the spaces. A family room can be built anywhere, so the best spot would be next to the kitchen. Doing this would make an undersized kitchen appear larger, creating one large multipurpose space that accommodates just about anything – cooking, eating, family meeting, or entertaining.

You can simply use your above-the-garage room as your family room or knock down the interior walls of the kitchen to turn your dining room into a family room. The latest trend involves locating a family room expansion next to bedroom spaces, particularly if the space lies adjacent to the bedrooms of your kids, who would love to use the extra space as a hang out area.

A large table is a perfect addition to your family room, since kids would love to do their homework and other school projects where the family members get together to spend time with each other.  It can be placed against a wall to save space when it is no longer in use and pulled out when extra seating is required.

The back door

Many family room expansions include a door to the backyard.  French windows or sliding doors can be added to the setting to expand the family room addition and will also let in lots of gorgeous natural light.  Placing a deck or patio outside the room can also create the illusion of a larger space and in good weather will serve as an extension to the area.

Design & Décor

A properly designed family room addition serves multiple purposes if considerable attention is paid to the design and décor during the initial planning stages, such as size, type of furniture, and location of the television and fireplace.  Assembling all these ideas into an artful solution, which would give your home the illusion of extra space, is a step in the right direction.